Minor Procedures & Trauma Care Services

Wart Treatments (Cryotherapy & Surgical Removal)
Removal of foreign bodies (Skin, Bodily Orifice, Wound)
Burn Treatment (Burn Care, Dressing Changes)
Wound Treatment (Laceration Care, Sutures/Stitches, Wound Care, Dressing Changes)
Skin Biopsies

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Women’s Healthcare Services

Prenatal Care
Birth Control Management & Counselling
IUD Insertions & Removals
Subdermal Contraceptive Implants
Birth Control Pill Prescription Refills & Consultation
Pap Tests
Removal of Foreign Bodies

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Cosmetic Services

In need of a glow-up? You should consider Botox® and Dysport®injections! As we all age, wrinkles naturally form from the movement of muscles under your skin over time. Botox® and Dysport® help soften wrinkles and fine lines, and smoothens out the skin, resulting in a clean, clear & refreshed facial profile. Botox® and Dysport® are delightful products for all genders!

We Offer:

Lip Filler

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Medical Cannabis Services
(By Referral)

Cannabis has made great leaps and strides in the medical setting, as more research and trials have become more available. It used to treat a great variety of issues such as:

Poor Sleep
Neck & Back Pain
Complex Soft Tissue Pain
Recurrent & Ongoing Pain
Psychosocial Conditions that affect Mental, Physical & Motor Functions
**Medical Cannabis Consultations require a referral from your family physician.
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Covid Rapid Antigen Tests

Need a quick Covid test? We can do that for you! Upon completion of a negative test, we can provide you with an official form that you may use to gain access to:

International Travel
Sit-In Restaurants
Public Events
Public Facilities (Gyms, Sports Centres, Hockey Games, etc.)
Work & School Events

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